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Manufacturer(s): AccuteX EDM

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Manufacturer Model ID Operation
Frame Travel Mode Max Part Weight
AccuteX EDM AL 560SA CNC Wire "C" Table 1100
AccuteX EDM AU-1400iA Z800 CNC Wire Bridge Table & Column 16400
AccuteX EDM AX-1165 CNC Wire "C" Table & Column 9000
AccuteX EDM AX-6040 CNC Wire "C" Table & Column 4200
AccuteX EDM AX-9060 CNC Wire "C" Table & Column 8815
AccuteX EDM DS-5040 CNC Sinker "C" Table 3200
AccuteX EDM DS-550CM CNC Sinker "C" Table 2970
AccuteX EDM GE-43SA CNC Wire "C" Table 1067
AccuteX EDM SP-300i CNC Wire "C" Table 1150
AccuteX EDM SP-500i CNC Wire "C" Table 3400
AccuteX EDM SP-600i CNC Wire "C" Table 3800
AccuteX EDM SP-MED CNC Wire "C" Table 1150
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