New Specs: Milling and Turning Machines from Milltronics USA

14. September 2017
Milltronics new specs

We recently added specs on several machine tools available from Milltronics USA.

The XP series of vertical machining centers includes the VR4325XP, VM5025XP and VM6030XP 50-taper models. Here’s a milling demo of the VM4325XP:

We’ve also added specifications on the VK4-II three-axis CNC knee mill and the SL8-II slant-bed turning center.

Find more machine models to browse and compare on Milltronics’ showroom page here on Techspex.

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The Top Shops 2017 Benchmarking Survey Results Are Now Available

Posted by: Derek Korn 7. September 2017
2017 Top Shops Executive Summary

This blog post is adapted from a post that originally appeared at MMS Online. 

It’s hard to believe we’re on our seventh edition of our Top Shops benchmarking survey. The results of that survey are available in the 2017 Executive Summary, which compares the top-tier benchmarking group’s data to the other shops that participated. Here are two interesting tidbits I gleaned about types of equipment used by a majority of the shops in this year’s benchmarking group:

  • 32 percent use Swiss-type lathes, which is up from 19 percent last survey. Although screw-machine shops were the first to adopt multifunction CNC Swiss-type lathes, an increasing number of “traditional” shops are considering this machining platform to, in some cases, produce complex parts complete, reducing setups, secondary operations and work-in-process.
  • 37 percent have additive manufacturing/3D-printing capability, which is up from 19 percent during the last survey. Virtually all of those shops use this capability for prototyping, but 74 percent of them also use it to 3D-print tooling and fixturing for their own use on the shop floor.

The Executive Summary includes much more about the types of machining and business strategies being applied by leading U.S. machining businesses as well as key performance metrics they’re attaining. Give it a read. It could be that information could help direct your own continuous improvement efforts.


New Specs: Machining Centers from Comau

31. August 2017
Comau new specs

We recently made an update to specs on several machining centers manufactured by Comau. Well-known for its robotics and automation offerings, Comau offers a variety of machine tools for machining prismatic components like cylinder heads and crankshafts.

The Urane 25 is a high-speed milling machine whose fixed horizontal spindle can be configured as a direct-load system module or a standalone machining center with an automatic pallet changer (APC). Techspex has added specs on two of these machines: the Urane 25 V3.4 and the Urane 25 V8, the latter of which is said to be particularly well-suited to MQL processes.

Here’s a video of Comau’s Urane 25 machines in a robotic cell:

Other machines that have been added include the MT2-X for heavy, rough machining of large components, and a few machines in the SmartDriveComau series. Here’s a video introducing the SDC 800L:

Browse and compare these machine tool specs with others by going to Comau’s manufacturer page here on Techspex.

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The 2017-2018 MTBuyers Guide Is Now Available

24. August 2017
2017-2018 MTBuyers Guide cover

The digital edition of the 2017-2018 MTBuyers Guide is here and free to view and download. Powered by AMT – The Association For Manufacturing Technology, Modern Machine Shop and Techspex, the guide contains three indexes that will prove useful for machine shops:

  1. Product and Services Directory: This index of AMT member companies is divided into product and services offered, from broaching machines to machining centers and from additive manufacturing equipment to retrofit and rebuild services.

  2. Builder/Manufacturer Directory: This index of metalworking machine builders lists company information such as location, products and services on offer, North American distributors, and a list of each company’s branches and divisions.

  3. Manufacturing Technology Distributor Directory: This index is structured similarly to the OEM directory, except instead of listing what products and services the companies offer, it lists the manufacturers for which each company is a distributor. An additional section provides all the distributors in the directory listed by to U.S. state.

AMT President Doug Woods opens the MTBuyers Guide with a letter. It concludes:

“The time is now for evaluating how your equipment and processes can be modernized with technology. You can begin with the MTBuyers Guide of products and services for builders, distributors and suppliers. It gives a picture of how companies are responding to the digital age with more data-driven, customer-centric products and services.”

The MTBuyers Guide can help you find which builders are offering the technology you’re looking for. Techspex can help you compare specs between them on their differing machine tools. If you haven’t registered yet with Techspex, you can join for free and start researching machine tools more efficiently right away.


New Specs: EHC 125300 from SMTCL

18. August 2017
SMTCL new specs

We’ve added some new specs on the EHC 125300 horizontal machining center from SMTCL Americas. This high-precision CNC lathe has a swing over the bed of 49" (1,250 mm) and can handle parts as long as 118" (3 m).

The company says this machine is meant to provide U.S. job shops with a large, high-quality yet cost-effective machine tool so that they don’t have to outsource large turning work.

Find more machine models to browse and compare on SMTCL’s showroom here on Techspex.

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