5 - 100 HP & 2 - 8 Axes Covers Thousands Of Apps

Posted by: 14. January 2015

Yama Seiki USA, Inc., Chino, CA is the North American importer of Goodway and Awea machine tools and a subsidiary of the Goodway Machine Tool Group in Taiwan. Established in the United States in 2000, I’ve watched Yama Seiki grow its business in dramatic fashion, both in sales and in the depth of its product offering.

Before 2000, Awea Mechantronic was known in the U.S. as a bridge-type machining center manufacturer. Goodway was little known and offered only a few models. Today, Awea produces more than 50 models including horizontal and vertical milling and machining centers, 5-axis machining centers, bridge mills, 5-face gantry milling and machining centers, and drilling and tapping machines. And Goodway manufacturers over 40 vertical, horizontal, and swiss-type turning machine models.

Yama Seiki’s product line may represent one of the top ten broadest turning and milling center product lines offered to metal cutting manufacturers in the U.S. How many other companies can say they make lathes from five to 100 HP and from two to eight axes?  This includes multi-function machines with secondary milling, sub spindles, Y-axis, B-axis, and even sliding headstock models. On the milling side, Awea produces tapping centers from 7 HP and 60+ HP power bridge type, 5-axis gantry mills with 300”+ tables. Now that’s a broad product line.

Between the two brands, the Goodway Machine Tool Group produces over 2,500 units per year.  

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