6-Axis HMC with W- and U-Axis Does it All

Posted by: 25. July 2014

Niigata HN100-D FC Milling and Boring Machine with Facing Head can turn round features on-center with 230mm (9.05”) stroke on two U-axis tools and up to 900mm (35.43”) in diameter on large prismatic parts.  I couldn’t help being impressed as I watched the facing head rotating at 600 rpm.  Despite the head’s considerable mass and speed as it rotated in preparation for turning an eccentric boss, the only sound I heard was the air being pushed out of the heads way.  Especially as the facing head began  off-center cutting, the stability and rigid construction of the 80,000 pound HN100-D FC was evident.

Like all true machining centers, the HN100-D FC is fully capable of milling, drilling, and tapping.  The U-axis makes this machine rare in its ability to handle true turning and off center boring and back facing and other on- and off-center operations.  But the W-axis, a programmable quill type boring bar spindle function, makes this machine something very special.  And a bonus—unlike most boring mills, this model is fully enclosed.

What types of prismatic parts are most likely to need the ability to turn round features?  The machine has many applications for machining fluid pump castings, valve bodies, manifolds and for boring large internal and external tapers, flanges, and back bores, as well as profiling and grooving.

The bar type spindle has a programmable travel of 300 mm (11.81”) which enables the machine to generate close tolerances deep into difficult to reach bores.

Not only can the machine mill, drill, tap, and turn, but it can also probe to insure accurate work piece positioning, or check for fixture offsets, depths, and diameters.  Because this machine is capable of U-axis turning, part centralization or finding the centerline of an off-center feature that must be turned in the same set up, may be necessary.  Probing the off-center surfaces of a to-be-turned feature, relative to previously milled surfaces allows the machine to accurately define a new centerline for the turning operation.  This capability ensures that even the most complex relational tolerances are easily maintained, and out-of-round conditions are avoided.

This model will be on display and under power in SNK booth # S-8936 during IMTS 2014. MapYourShow with a “must see” asterisk on the HN100-D FC. Watch a video of the machine.

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