9 IMTS Pro Tips

Posted by: 8. September 2016

It’s only a few days until the start of the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS) in Chicago, Illinois. Many of us will have been to IMTS more than once by now, having made it a valuable tradition as part of keeping up with industry trends and networking with peers.

But some of us (like me, for instance) are facing down our first-ever pilgrimage to the biggest manufacturing technology trade show in the United States. And, to be quite honest, the prospect of meandering through McCormick Place’s 1.3 million square feet among thousands of exhibits and well over 100,000 attendees is daunting, to say the least.

So I went on Twitter and asked if anyone had any tips for an IMTS newbie like myself. I got a few responses and found some others as the week went on. I collected them under the hashtag #IMTSProTips and thought I’d share what I found.

1. Don't get overwhelmed

2. Wear comfortable shoes

3. Take horizontal video rather than vertical

4. Take business cards

5. Bring your digital and analog devices

6. Don't forget to eat

7. [I think the message here is 'drink responsibly']

8. Mind your dress

9. Pick up a copy of the ShowDaily every morning


If you’re a seasoned IMTS veteran, what are some other “pro tips” you might share with newer attendees? Share them in the comments or on Twitter using the hashtag #IMTSProTips. 

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