Cylindrical Grinder Builder Adds New Machine For Long, Large Parts

Posted by: 23. September 2014


Cylindrical grinding machine builder, Studer, member of the United Grinding Group, has set it sights on a new market with the introduction of the all new S141. This internal cylindrical grinder is capable of handling parts up to 1300mm in length with OD grinding length up to 150mm and ID grinding depth up to 250mm. By adding such a model to its already deep line, Studer is able to address grinding applications common to the machine tool industry, such as machine spindles and shafts, and in the aerospace and tool making industry where large and long components are common.

The requirement for stability, accuracy, and fine surface finish grinding on such a large capacity machine compelled the machine designers to utilize Granitan® for the machine base due to its outstanding damping characteristics. Additionally, the design engineers implemented its own patented StuderGuide®  for the guideway system. The system extends life and stability of the linear motors and overall drive system.

Despite its ability to handle very long parts, the workpiece table is swivelable up to  - 10° to + 15° for taper grinding in a single setup. � The machine is equipped with a 4-spindle grinding turret that can accommodate ID or OD grinding operations. This added flexibility means that complex operations can all be performed in one chucking, which also insures outstanding repeatability between features. ID grinding spindles up to 265mm can be mounted. The machine is equipped with the Fanuc 31i-B control, which is augmented with StuderWin and StuderSIM, intuitive operating systems which help simplify grinding cycles, dressing cycles, and in-process measurement, for operators and programmers.

Though the model is new, Fritz Studer AG has been running several S141 models in its own manufacturing facility for many months and say that productivity, reliability, and overall performance is up to Studer’s own strict standards. 

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