Doesn't Make Machines. Makes Machines Better.

Posted by: 8. January 2015

Indexing Technologies, Inc. is a little like the company who advertises that they don’t actually make products, but rather, they make products better.  More specifically, ITI helps metalworking manufacturers make the machine tools on their floors work better and more productively.  In its 20+ years in business, ITI has carved out a specialty marketplace niche not unlike that of a full service machine tool or cutting tool distributor. But unlike distributor organizations that specialize in the machine or cutting tool, ITI has become the go-to expert in what they refer to as “indexing components,” a much more focused specialty.

What’s an “indexing device?”  The term seems to be either too broad or too narrow to accurately describe ITI’s focus.  ITI is not an OEM but is the exclusive importer and national sales agent for less than ten product line brands, all of which perform some type of indexing, rotation, or repositioning function, that enhances machine tool productivity.

What a narrow, unusual, yet interesting specialty.   But how can such a limited area of expertise actually support a national business operation?  In the same way that machine tool distributors come across hundreds of applications and build a valuable archive of experience and knowledge about how to process parts, ITI’s done something similar that helps manufacturers optimize machine operation.  Many years involved with hundreds of applications makes indexing component specification, selection, implementation, and support, ITI’s specialty.  Does the application call for an index or rotary table?  What level of accuracy is dictated?  Is a dual-axis trunnion appropriate?  Retrofitting a simple lathe with an automated turret may sound basic. But each application and the range of operations the machine may tackle might suggest that tool clearances are critical, or that a Y-axis is needed, or that a high speed turret is best, or a B-axis version is appropriate. That’s why an ITI is important to the marketplace. Knowledge, expertise, and very deep, vertical product lines make the difference between making parts and making parts better

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