Get Tooling Inventory Under Control And Reduce Cost

Posted by: 17. June 2014

There are many stories about Iscar’s Matrix Tool Management System that illustrate how shops have saved time and money managing their tooling inventory. From reduction of tool and personnel costs, to increases in uptime and profit.  Here are my top ten, 15 reasons why every shop can benefit when installing the Iscar Matrix tool management system:

Reduces or eliminates manual tool cribs.

Reduces or eliminates manpower to manage tool cribs.

Delivers automatic tool inventory statements.

Automatically tracks users of tooling.

Access to tools keyed to individuals by bar code, magnetic strip, or even fingerprint id.

 Eliminates tool ordering and reordering time.

Adjusts inventory level automatically based on rate of tool usage including fluctuation, thereby eliminating downtime.

Storage capacity is expandable.

Tooling database can be integrated with most ERP systems.

Eliminates tool theft, checkout mistakes.

Is portable through forklift transport.

Can be used with authorized manual override in case of power loss.

Each unit can display user instructions in 26 languages.

Multiple units in different locations managed on one system.


Seven case studies. 

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