Great Customer Service Makes Selling Easy

Posted by: 30. June 2014

� When you need help, do you hope your phone call is answered by one of those nifty phone tree systems or by a real person?  Most every business claims to have great customer service. But each of us will be the judge of that only when we really need it.   I make my living in the complex world of machine tools, workholding, and cutting tools.  Processing parts is never easy.   Many decisions are made along the matrix tree from print to part.  One of the more challenging areas for me has always been tooling. Within the catalogs of Sandvik, Walter, Iscar, and BIG Kaiser, (to name just a few of the many tooling manufacturers in our world), there are over 20,000 distinct part numbers.   Can you imagine if you needed to select tooling for a job and had to touch-tone your way through an automated phone tree to find the right tools? Nightmaaare! That’s why a good tooling company better have great customer service.   Here’s a very short story about a manufacturer of parts for our Armed Forces, who needed tooling and contacted BIG Kaiser for help.  The application resulted in a modular tooling solution, but the story demonstrates how valuable great customer service can be.  

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