Gun Component Machining Video Worth Thousand Words, Times Six

Posted by: 21. January 2015

I regularly question whether companies that claim to build machines that are suitable for specific industries, actually do. In my experience, I’ve seen only a few examples of machine models whose design was influenced by specific issues, challenges, materials, and applications inherent to an industry. Companies that say they’ve built machines based on the particular needs of the medical, or aerospace, or automotive, or other industry had better have plenty of hands on experience with applications specific to the industry before they make that claim.

In a recently published video series, Okuma doesn’t claim that they’ve built machines for the armaments industry, but they sure do demonstrate their experience machining gun parts.  Okuma’s videos demonstrate six CNC machines used in gun part manufacturing, spotlighting high-speed, precision cutting, live tooling, milling and drilling. Okuma’s gun part manufacturing video series includes:

- Rifle Stock Mold – Okuma’s 5-axis MU-500VII vertical machining center cuts a custom-designed rifle stock mold

- AR15 Upper – An MB-4000H horizontal machining center machines an AR15 upper

- Gun Barrel Extension --Cut on an Okuma LB3000-EXII horizontal lathe, the machining of this gun barrel extension uses a variety of cutting tools and operations

- Commemorative Plaque -- Using a GENOS M460-VE, this video shows the CNC milling of a gun shaped plaque for a firearms event

- 1911 Trigger Housing -- Machining of a 1911 trigger housing, using an Okuma MB-56V vertical machining center equipped with a Lyndex Nikken rotary table

- Gun Cylinder - A .50 caliber revolver cylinder is cut on an Okuma LT3000 EX, 3 turret horizontal lathe  

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