Homeomorphic? Not An Issue For The 5-Axis Enlightened.

Posted by: 27. April 2015

This shape is a homeomorphism.

In 2012 the University of Michigan SMART initiative and partners launched the Smart Mobility Enterprize (Mobi) campaign to encourage efforts to develop sustainable transportation strategies.  The group encourages, acknowledges, and rewards entrepreneurial organizations that have developed transportation solutions that satisfy Mobi’s goals.   The initial premise of the MobiPrize has evolved to include M.O.D.E., the Mobi Open Databank of Enterprise, many companies whose missions are related to the same basic goals – to solve transportation problems in a sustainable way. 

So what does Mobi have to do with homeomorphism?  The MobiPrize is awarded each year. According to the Mobi website, the striking trophy represents a Möbius strip to depict the seamless continuity and access to movement that is central to the ambitions of new mobility entrepreneurs.  And the Möbius strip is a homeomorphism.

But what does all this have to do with 5-Axis machining? The Möbius strip shape used in the award is machined on a C. R. Onsrud 5-axis machine in one of the best video examples I have ever seen depicting 5-axis machining.

So the next time you’re asked if you’re comfortable with homeomorphism, just tell them, of course, you have 5-axis!  

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