Introducing Techspex 3.0

Posted by: 1. January 2014

Happy New Year! I just listened to Jim Cramer tell Today Show host, Matt Lauer, that 2014 is going to be a very good year for the U.S. economy. He said that the last few years have been great for Wall Street - the paper pushers, he called them. But in 2014, he said, we'll see companies that actually make things, make money too, and those companies will give more people on Main Street the opportunity to make money, as well. In his typical confident voice he assured Matt Lauer that unemployment will drop to 6%. This was the very first thing I heard when I turned on the TV this morning on the very first day of the year. Though I won't take Cramer's optimistic predication as gospel, I think the recovery, though slower than many would like, is actually sound and not based on another fabricated bubble.

As for us, Techspex is doing its part to make 2014 a good year for the U.S. economy, too. We are proud to launch our third major redesign since 1996. Our hope for Techspex 3.0 is that we can deliver a resource that helps machine tool users make sense of and keep pace with a complicated and rapidly changing machine tool model marketplace. How will we do this?  By integrating the machine tool related editorial content of Gardner Business Media with Techspex ever-changing database of machine tool model specifications. Now, site users can self-generate queries on the model database, find the machines and companies that have the attributes they need and then watch videos and read articles specifically related to the companies and equipment their query discovers. Just start browsing by selecting the model search or builder or distributor list you need. With thousands of models and hundreds of machine tool related companies developing new technology all the time, we hope Techspex 3.0 will help your company save time, make better decisions, and help you do your part to contribute to a growing economy in 2014.

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