Just When You Thought There Was Nothing Left To Cut

14. May 2015

It’s not like machine tool design engineers haven’t already been shaving cutting and non-cutting machine cycle times by increasing spindle speeds and rapid rates, and shortening pallet indexing and tool change times. So there’s not many machine components left where the more advanced, high-speed machine tool builders can focus to further reduce cycle times. But hold on a second, or two, or even more.  Better yet, save those seconds with Niigata’s latest Intelligent Tool IQ Solution, which does just that.

Just when you thought you couldn’t squeeze more cycle time out of your machine, Niigata has found an inefficiency and done something about it. The NIIGATA ATC Tool IQ function efficiently stages tools during machining, ready for the next tool call-up. With the TOOL IQ function, T-Codes are strategically placed into part programs. Specialized Tool IQ software then searches ahead while simultaneously advancing the tools. The next tool is automatically transferred into position.

Whether your machines run long or short cycle times, cycle times are shortened by reducing the time between tool changes. Seconds or in some cases, minutes, are shaved off the tool prep time and tool change wait times can be reduced by as much as 20%.

The typical cases where Tool IQ shines are when parts require tool operations for just a few seconds. In these cases, most other machines will wait for the next tool to be staged for the change arm. Also, because the staging process is “intelligent,” using Tool IQ, there is less attention required when loading tools to each tool pot, saving the operator time, as well.  The Tool IQ is standard on SPN models equipped with Fanuc 30i controls or later. 

Watch the video to see for yourself. 


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