Knowing How It's Done

Posted by: 9. December 2014

That’s Heller’s own slogan. Founded in Germany in 1898, Heller’s first mechanical product was a parallel jaw vice, followed by a cold circular metal saw, then skiving and thread cutting machines. During the 1920’s Heller began manufacturing milling machines for crankshaft machining. As early as the 1940’s Heller began manufacturing “lines in modular design,” a specialty that they excel in even today. By 1962 Heller introduces its first numerically controlled milling machine with automatic tool changer.

In 1974 Heller established manufacturing operations in Brazil and England and by 1982 in the United States. Due to automotive industry demand for Heller’s high production modular manufacturing lines, much of Heller’s production was earmarked for Detroit.  With the proliferation of machine tool development from Japan, Korea, and other countries, Heller began to further develop and enhance their flexible and modular machining center and transfer line strategy. Despite the high production requirements of the automotive industry, even Detroit had to address the growing need for more flexibility typical for CNC machining centers. So Heller merged the flexibility of CNC machining centers with the productivity of the transfer line creating a semi-dedicated system that could deliver both flexibility and production.

Now a global company of 2,400 people, Heller is still known for their engineering expertise that enables customization using high performance, off-the-shelf machine tools.

The Heller 4-axis H Series begins at less than 25HP and a table size of under 20” and offers up to 80 HP and 40” tables. Their 5-axis FP and FT Series with swivel A-axis head and CP and CT Series with Turning Capability run from 45HP and 20” tables capable of 500 rpm turning up to 107HP, 40” tables capable of turning up to 250 rpm. 

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