L x 150 Ø. Grind THAT!

Posted by: 18. April 2014

Extreme length to diameter ratios handled easily by Rollomatic 528XFWhat do you call a 10" long x Ø 0.070” medical instrument made of hardened stainless steel , whose diameter and TIR is held to +/-0.0001” over the full length of the part?  Some would call it a son of a gun. But experienced tool makers might call it a job for the 528XF. As precision machine tool builders continue to push the envelope on tighter tolerances, industry is freed up to design parts that were once impossible to build. Especially in the field of science and medicine, the expression “if you can dream it, you can achieve it” is driving the development of more sophisticated tools.  And the precision machining industry is passing these tests with flying colors.   What used to take hours of machining, many set ups, and laborious hand work in the manufacture of such parts can now be completed automatically, in a fraction of the time.  Rollomatic, Mundelein, IL specializes in tool grinders, especially in the field of small-, micro-, and nano-scale parts.  Using steady rests, auto loading, ATCs, multiple axis designs, in house development of advanced software, and years of tool-making experience, Rollomatic has carved out a rapidly expanding niche driven by ever tightening tolerances up and down the supply chain. Don't grind small tools but need another grinder?  Define the machine you need and find the models that meet your requirements using Techspex Grinder model search form.

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