Largest South American Machine Builder: Deep In Turning & Milling

Posted by: 5. December 2014

With over 2,000 employees, Indústrias Romi SA is the largest machine tool builder in South America. Based in Brazil, Indústrias Romi SA built more than 3,000 turning and milling machines in the last year. In 2012 Romi acquired 125 year old BURKHARDT+WEBER, primarily a machining center manufacturer in Reutlingen, Germany.  With this addition, Romi has rounded out its metal cutting offering and is able to compete with many of the larger turning and machining center builders in the world.

The ROMI® turning portion of the product line includes from small to larger combination CNC/manual lathes, full blown CNC slant bed lathes with optional secondary milling including Y-axis, and vertical turning centers for medium to larger part machining.  On the milling side, their D series of vertical machining Centers are designed for medium-sized parts with tables from 33” x 20” up to 79” x 33”.

The BURKHARDT+WEBER side of the company specializes in medium to larger machining centers, which are primarily horizontal. Their MCT Series offers total flexibility as a multi-function machine with options to combine vertical turning into a horizontal machine center, including A-axis for 5-axis simultaneous machining function, a swivel axis to enable same operation vertical and horizontal processing, and full-featured automation for unattended operation. Their new MCµ series is said to be designed for applications requiring the highest achievable precision, “close to the single micron.”  Detailed specifications on this series were not available at press time, but the machines X, Y, Z axis travels range from 43” x 35” x 49” up to 98” x 70” x 70”.

Their combined product line, which seems to address about 70% of the typical metal cutting applications, plus their extensive world-wide network of support offices including a well-established distribution network, levels the playing field for ROMI® and BURKHARDT+WEBER®. 

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