Little Known Big Machines

Posted by: 28. January 2014

For such a small country, Spain builds a lot of machine tools. In fact, they have more machine tool builders per capita than most other countries. Over 100 are based in the Basque region in the north of Spain within 25 miles of each other. Spain produces more machine tools than France or England and is the third largest European builder. Though it may produce some commonly used machine tools, many of the Spanish machines sold in the United States are large and designed for niche markets. Bost Machine Tools and Machine Tool Engineering (MTE) are lines imported, sold, and serviced by United Precision Services in Cincinnati. Both build large equipment. We’ve just added two Bost mill/turn centers and two MTE universal milling machines to the Techspex model specification database. One of the Bost lathes is a huge double column vertical and the other is a large universal lathe that can handle parts up to 5 meters in length. Both MTE mills are designed with rigid ram type spindles that can rotate from vertical to horizontal and positions in between. One features a large rotary table while the other is a floor type milling machine with no table at all. Check the spex and more… Bost turning centers. MTE Milling Machines.

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