Machine Selector Helps Organize Website For Speedy Inquiry

Posted by: 10. July 2015

What can I say?  Okuma’s “Machine Selector” is a good way to help machine tool buyers quickly zero-in on the best Okuma machine model for their application when visiting the Okuma website. It’s similar to Techspex as it allows self-guided discovery, but for Okuma’s machines, only.  It’s different, too. On Techspex, you can construct sophisticated queries on Okuma-specific machines, as well, that may help you identify features or specifications that are important that you couldn’t find using the Okuma Machine Selector and vice versa.

For instance, using the Okuma selector you can search for turning centers that use an ATC, or specifically query turning models that include a Y-axis. On Techspex, turning search range fields (chuck diameter, bar capacity, HP, top RPM, and turning length) enable min/max values to be entered that serve to include some models while simultaneously excluding other models. And Techspex enables differentiation by horizontal and vertical lathes, as well as newly introduced models, and identification by bar type, chucker type (no bar capacity), universal type (bar, chucker and shaft work), or swiss style.

Using the machining center search module at Okuma, you can quickly find the range of products they offer. At Techspex, you can find models in many discrete ways. For instance if you’re looking for Okuma machining centers with at least 2000 ipm rapid traverse rates, you won’t find any verticals, but the MA and MB series of horizontals offer several. Or if you need to find verticals that can handle at least 4,000 pound workloads but don’t want to be bothered considering models that handle more than 8,000 pounds, you can construct that query to find six models. Want to find the most recently introduced Okuma turning centers?  Yes, you can do that on Techspex, too.

I’m glad to see Okuma introduce this fine tool at their website. Most machine tool builder websites list models by categories that are way too general that don’t really help visitors quickly find what they need. The Okuma Machine Selector solves that problem so visitors can get on to the work of evaluating their options, generating RFQs, watching videos, finding their local Okuma distributor, requesting alerts and requesting whitepapers and newsletters.

What can I say?  Imitation is the greatest form of flattery, so hat’s off to Okuma for following Techspex’s lead. 

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