Manufacturing Brighter Futures: Now is the Time. IMTS is the Event.

15. July 2014

Smartforce Development is an effort by AMT – The Association For Manufacturing Technology to encourage more young people to seek an education in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) and to seek a career in manufacturing. The Smartforce Development tagline is “Manufacturing Brighter Futures”.

At the Smartforce Student Summit at IMTS 2014, thousands of students, their teachers, administrators, policy-makers and parent chaperones will gather together to see the latest innovations in manufacturing technology all in one place. Students will be able to make the connection between manufacturing and the real-world products they use in their every day lives. After attending the summit and being introduced to the world of manufacturing at IMTS, most students gain a new appreciation for the impact manufacturing has on their daily lives. The student summit will serve as an orientation to US Manufacturing, to the interactive exhibits they’ll have the opportunity to engage with at the student summit, to their possible education and career pathways in manufacturing and to more than 1.2 million square feet of the latest innovations in manufacturing technology available today.

Students will be directed to their best possible future through keynote addresses from leaders of some of the most prominent national education organizations like Project Lead The Way, the National Math and Science Initiative and Sally Ride Science.

Students will interact in challenges from some of the leading companies in manufacturing technology who focus on products and services for the technical and career education market. They will have an opportunity to see what it takes to compete in a First Robotics competition, they will engage in a project where they become a designer by working with software and then 3D printing a part, and they’ll get to meet with community colleges and engineering schools to talk about the next step in their education.

The student summit will be their gateway to a “field trip” that they may never  have imagined and that is only possible in manufacturing and at an event like IMTS.

If you plan to attend IMTS, why not take some time to visit the Smartforce Student Summit in the North Building, Hall C. You’ll be refreshed by seeing all of the bright young faces of the thousands of students who will be in attendance.

The Smartforce Student Summit will change some young minds – in a positive way – about pursuing a career in manufacturing and becoming a part of the next generation Smartforce in US manufacturing.

For more information about the Smartforce Student Summit at IMTS 2014, visit 

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