More "Crank Handle" 5-Axis VMCs Introduced

Posted by: 13. May 2014

DMG MORI has introduced two new 5-axis vertical machining centers to their HSC series line. With high spindle speeds up to 42,000 rpm the machines are capable of generating surface finishes of less than 0.15 Ra. The new HSC 30 and HSC 70 models use linear drives that enable high rapid and feed rate positioning and motion (3150 ipm on the HSC 70). The “B” 5th axis is the swivel table (HSC 30: ±120°, HSC 70: 20°/-110°.  As I watched the combined movement of the table and spindle, I was reminded of a door-mounted window crank rarely seen on today’s power-window activated cars.  

At a recent machine tool show I watched a similarly designed GF Machining Solutions (formerly known as Agie Charmilles) Mikron HSM 600U LP machining a milling cutter.  Today’s ever-increasing feed and rapid rates really caught my attention as the rotary table’s sudden movements in concert with the spindle tool path generated six pockets of the milling cutter. Both GF Machining Solutions and DMG MORI bills the HSC series as ideal for tool and mold applications. The HSC 30 and 70 and the HSM 600U specs, pictures, and videos can be seen here.

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