More than a Micron, less than Muggaseggele

Posted by: 7. March 2014

How big is a micron?I was exploring the Haas Multigrind website today.  They have a terrific article and poster you can download that illustrates the size of one micron.  I’ve posted a version of it here.  But perhaps more interesting, I learned about a unit of micro measurement that I’d never heard of before.  Muggaseggele, must have been coined by the German cousin of the American guy who came up with the term “smaller than a gnat’s ass.”  I’ll let you enjoy discovering it’s meaning on your own.

Haas Multigrind grinding machines aren’t classified as reciprocating, cylindrical, tool & cutter, or gear grinders, though they can grind parts that might be processed on these types of grinders.  No, Haas Multigrind grinders are so universal, so flexible, they are classified as “grinding centers” that can do it all.  Our grinder model database includes 45 new Grinding Centers manufactured by 14 different builders. Don’t need a grinding center?  Find the perfect grinder for your application. 

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