More To 5-Axis Than X, Y, Z, A, C

8. August 2014

The Doosan FM 200/5AX linear is an all new, 5-axis machining center, built from the ground up, to address increasing demands for tighter tolerance, better surface finish, greater part complexity—all at higher production rates.

With a compact footprint, this small envelope (travels of X-7.9” x Y- 13.4” x Z- 11.8”) vertical machining center is designed for medical, high-tech, and other precision components.  With a 45,000 rpm HSK E40 spindle, even the smallest tools can generate ideal cutter speed no matter the material to be machined. But speed doesn’t end at the spindle. Rapid rates of 1968.5 ipm, feed rates up to 787 ipm, tool change time under a second, and exceptional acceleration and deceleration characteristics of the direct drive linear motors, insure efficient production rates.

The direct drive motors are also instrumental in eliminating backlash in all axes including the A and C axes on the trunnion-style dual-axis rotary table.  Though the machine is designed for smaller parts, the 19 hp spindle is over-powered to insure higher torque even at high speeds. The bridge-frame construction, close-coupling design of the built-in two-axis table, plus the use of mineral composite material instead of cast iron, combine to deliver a particularly stable structure.  Both thermally and structurally stabilized, the machine is able to produce the best possible accuracy and surface finish conditions without sacrificing speed.

The Heidenhain TNC Control is standard on the FM 200/5AX linear because 5-axis simultaneous function demands are unique in tool path processing.  The iTNC 530 is a control in demand when true 5-axis simultaneous performance is required. 

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