Mutli-Spindles: From Clankity-Clank to Cha-Ching.

Posted by: 10. April 2014

Nowadays, there aren’t many builders of multi-spindle automatics. Forty years ago, this machine style was the dominant processing choice for high-volume turned parts. At some point beginning in the 70’s, more conventional NC and then CNC machines began to replace multi-spindles. Many reasons played into the transition away from multis, including tightening print tolerances, smaller lots, the need to manufacture a wider range of parts, difficulty in finding skilled multi-spindle set-up men, and the continual improvements of NC and CNC machines that helped even the ROI playing field.  Oh, and they were clankity, bang, dang loud!  But today, a few high quality multi-spindle manufacturers know there is still a sweet-spot for these machines and have staked a claim to fill that high-volume parts production niche.  They have overcome many of the objections that had reduced applicability by implementing the same new technologies that gave raise to NC and CNC machines.  And today’s multis aref much quieter, too.   

An investment in a CNC multi-spindle with 20, 30, or more axes might run in the seven figures. Finding the 

justification to purchase might be like using a decision matrix to decide if you should marry the man or woman you’re dating—complicated questions about a serious commitment.  If your company might be thinking about taking the multi-spindle plunge, click here to see most of the models on the market today.    View pictures and specs, compare models, generate RFQs.  Don’t have quite that much volume?  Spec out the machine that’s perfect for your application using Techspex Turning Center Model Search form. 

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