New Specs: C 250 Machining Center from Hermle

19. May 2016

Hermle C 250

We’ve added specifications for Hermle’s new C 250 five-axis machining center, which is intended to complement the company’s existing C 400 machine introduced in 2012. In terms of specifications, a superficial difference between the two machines is that the C 250 has a smaller table and shorter XYZ travels. But both machines are designed to be affordable entry-level machines for shops desiring to get into five-axis and/or five-sided work.

C 250 trunnion rotary table

The NC swiveling rotary table option holds workpieces weighing as much as 661 pounds (300 kg).

The C 250 shares the C 400’s modified gantry design and mineral-cast machine bed. The NC swiveling rotary table of the five-axis version enables machining of workpieces weighing 661 pounds (300 kg). The traverse path inside the working area spans 600 × 550 × 450 mm for a vertical table clearance of 550 mm and a 688-mm door opening, providing optimal conditions for safe and simple crane loading, the company says.

An integrated tool magazine holds 30 tools with the option to incorporate two additional magazines for 50 or 88 additional pockets. The control panel for the Heidenhain TNC 640 CNC can pivot from the working area to the tool loading point, thus allowing the operator to more easily enter tool data into the tool table control.

See more specifications here.

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