New Specs: DM-2, DT-2, EC-400 and EC-1600 from Haas Automation

19. February 2016

We’ve updated some specs on several milling machines from Haas Automation. Read more below, with links to thorough specs in our database.



Haas DM-2

This vertical machining center is designed to perform drilling, rigid tapping and milling using a high-speed 18+1 side-mount toolchanger.

Standout specs: 40 taper standard, 15,000-rpm, 15-hp spindle.

See more specifications.



Haas DT-2

Another drilling, tapping and milling center, this vertical machining center has a smaller tool capacity than the DM-2, but a more powerful spindle option.

Standout specs: optional 20,000-rpm spindle for milling.

See more specifications.



Haas EC-400

This horizontal machining center provides 20" travels in the X, Y and Z axes as well as an 8,000-rpm, direct-drive spindle.   

Standout specs: optional six-station pallet pool.

See more specifications.


EC-1600 and EC-1600ZT

Haas EC-1600

These bed-type, three-axis machining centers are designed for effectively working on large parts with their 50 taper, 30-hp spindles. The EC-1600 provides XYZ travels of 64" × 50" × 32", while the EC-1600ZT extends the Z axis by 8".  

Standout specs: optional fourth-axis platter for high-speed contouring.

See more specifications on the EC-1600.

See more specifications on the EC-1600ZT.

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