New Specs: Large Update of Lathes, EDMs, Machining Centers

17. November 2016
new specs ONA AV35

We recently made a large update to specs on a variety of lathes, machining centers and EDMs available from Chevalier Machinery, ONA and Takumi. Here are a few highlights among the updates:

  • The FNL-220LSY from Chevalier is a multi-axis turn-mill whose Y-axis travel (±2.17" from the centerline), designed to enable off-center milling, is said to be the largest in its class.

  • The AV35 wire EDM from ONA provides high cutting speed (450 mm2/min. with wire of 0.33 mm in diameter) as well as a user interface designed for simplicity and user-friendliness.

  • Takumi’s H10 double-column VMC features a 25-hp direct-drive spindle with a top speed of 15,000 rpm.

This is only a sampling of the number of machine specs included in the update we’ve made. Find more machine models to browse and compare on the Techspex showroom pages for Chevalier Machinery, ONA and Takumi USA.

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