New Specs: QP5X-400 from Chevalier Machinery

12. May 2016

QP5X-400 exterior

We’ve added some new specs on the QP5X-400 vertical machining center, offered by Chevalier Machinery Inc. This 40-taper, high-speed VMC offers five-axis simultaneous or 4+1-axis operation, providing accuracy and productivity for such industries as aerospace, medical and moldmaking.

The machine’s construction provides features for high rigidity, with major components made of Meehanite cast iron for stability. The column design has an inverted Y shape and one-piece construction to promote rigidity and stability.

QP5X-400 trunnion table

A view of the QP5X-400's two-axis trunnion table, which can handle workpieces as heavy as 220 lbs.

The two-axis, 12.6" trunnion table supports loads ranging to 220 lbs, and accommodates workpieces as large as 15.7" wide and 13.7" in height. The trunnion table includes a three-piece, cross-roller bearing for part loading and a ±10" angle encoder in the A axis. The X-, Y- and Z-axis travels measure 20.5" × 15.8" × 15". The three axes are equipped with pre-tensioned C3-class ballscrews, and all servomotors are directly coupled to ballscrews, increasing movement sensitivity while reducing backlash, the company says.

See more specifications here.

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