New Specs: Tebas, Xios, Neos, Memphis, Thera Series from Zayer

20. January 2016

We’ve added some new specs on several machining center series by Zayer, available from Lagun Engineering Solutions (formerly Republic Lagun).

Thera Series

Zayer Thera

This gantry-type VMC with optional swivel spindle for four- or five-axis machining provides table sizes ranging from 137.79" × 78.74" to 807.08" × 15.48".

Standout specs: rapid feed rates as high as 164 feet per minute to span the 13-foot table width.

See more specifications.

Memphis Series

Zayer Memphis

Another gantry-style machine, this milling center’s U-shaped design and fixed table are designed for highly precise operations.

Standout specs: rigid table can carry as much as 242 tons.

See more specifications.

Neos Series

Zayer Neos

According to Lagun, the Neos represents the fastest Zayer gantry machine. Its independent table enables it to recede for certain applications.

Standout specs: working feed rates as high as 65 feet per minute and 10-second tool-change times.

See more specifications.

Xios and Xios G Series

Zayer Xios Xios G

The Xios bed-type horizontal and vertical machining center uses a moving table for four-sided machining, while the Xios G version uses a moving rotary table for five-sided machining.

Standout specs: 6,000-rpm, 43/54-hp spindle.

See more specifications on the Xios.

See more specifications on the Xios G.

Tebas and Tebas W Series

Zayer Tebas Tebas W‚Äč

The Tebas bridge-type milling machine uses a fixed crossbeam and moving table for five-sided machining, while the Tebas W includes a moving crossbeam for greater flexibility.

Standout specs: table can handle over 22 tons with as much as 137.79" between columns.

See more specifications on the Tebas.

See more specifications on the Tebas W.

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