New Wire EDM Model Handles Parts Almost Twice As Large

Posted by: 22. October 2014

The Sodick VZ500L Wire EDM was introduced several years ago and has established an in-field performance record through multiple customer installations.  The newly introduced big brother, VZ500LH, is basically the same machine, but with a work envelope that’s almost twice the capacity. The new model takes advantage of all the proven features of the VZ series, and increases the Z-axis stroke from 10” to almost 18”, effectively doubling the size of the part in square inches that the machine can accommodate.

Customer demand for larger workpiece capacity was the key driver for the development of this model. Apparently die/mold, aerospace, and energy applications are growing as mold cores, aerofoil vanes, turbine hubs and other larger/taller parts become more common.  The KIS method (keep it simple) is on full display with the introduction of this model. Why design an all new machine when adding 7.72” to an existing model will do the job? No reason, simple enough, indeed. 

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