No DMG, No Mori Seiki, Only DMG MORI SEIKI.

Posted by: 17. September 2014

Going forward, all new machines from DMG MORI will be unidentifiable as having been made by DMG or by Mori Seiki, because, according to Dr. Masahiko Mori, President of DMG MORI SEIKI Company Limited, “The way our machines look is now uniform.  There is no DMG or Mori Seiki, there is only DMG MORI SEIKI.”  And so, the merger of these two machine tool behemoths has passed another milestone, albeit cosmetic.  But the reorganization of their respective teams into one, including design, engineering, finance, sales, and support, demonstrates that the merger is more than skin deep.   And when listening to Drs. Kapitza and Mori at their press conference during the show it was clear that communicating the unification of DMG and Mori Seiki as one company, has their highest priority.

As one company, DMG MORI SEIKI employs 5,000 people in 37 countries, running 21 manufacturing plants, with an annual turnover of approximately $4 Billion.  

And their machines are pretty impressive, too. Several of the new models introduced at the show include the NHX4000 and 5000 2nd Generation machining centers. These second generation models include the new CELOS “information manager” integrated with the machine control. The machines have reduced non cutting time by speeding up cut-to-cut tool change time to only 2.2 seconds. The company has  rolled out a series of machine spindle options including the new speedMASTER spindle for higher speed, torque, and horse power.  And the 4th axis rotary table with direct drive (DDM) can rotate at up to 100rpm. Another new generation (the 4th) model is the DMU 125, a 5-axis machine with articulated spindle.  The DMU 270 FD is a large (up to 2.7 meter travels) true 5-axis machining center that can also turn, and is capable of handling workloads up to 7 tons.

DMG MORI introduced several new turning centers, too. The NLX2000 also includes the CELOS integration with the control and is available with milling (with or without Y-axis) and sup spindle. This newly enhanced model is said to be their best selling machine.  And the NTX 1000 is another 2nd generation machine with milling function utilizing two tool simultaneous machining and featuring a small footprint, with longer turning capacity than the first generation model. TheY-axis enables eccentric machining and a B-axis has a swiveling range to 240 degrees. 

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