Predicting The Future with Verification Software

Posted by: 7. July 2014

It doesn’t take long before the thought occurs to the new guy responsible for machine setup and part processing.  Gee, it would really be nice if there was a way to insure crash-free, optimized machining on the very first part.

Aside from finished part accuracy, issues such as interference with tools or the fixture, improper tool indexing position, rapid moves, or cutting feed rates are the main concerns in setup and prove-out. When complex parts and machines are involved, verification can be time-consuming and costly, or worse.  Crash damage to the machine or a complex fixture can derail a project.  When high production jobs are involved, the slightest feed rate or non-cutting time inefficiency can waste thousands of dollars.  That’s why, in the business of part processing, predicting the future is a very big deal.

Verification and optimization software have been around for a good while. But believe it or not, there are thousands of shops that still approach job setup and prove-out using the block-by-block, hold-your-breath-and-pray method, to get a first article off the machine.  If the new guy survives this trial by fire, he’s probably over-qualified to work on the nuclear program at Los Alamos or the FBI bomb squad, but be assured you can give him any job in the shop!

I’ve been familiar with CGTech, the developer of Vericut software, for years.  Like all good software, Vericut simulation, verification, and optimization software is always being refined and optimized.  Gosh, I wonder if there is such a thing as software to verify verification programs or to optimize optimization software?  And what would it be called? MOAS –for The Mother of All Software or Opti-Optimization?  Yes, software can be complicated.  And that’s why listening to or reading case histories is the best way I’ve found to appreciate the benefits of verification, simulation, and optimization software.  CGTech has dozens of interesting, first-hand case history and testimonial videos and articles. These stories come from small and big-name companies. Their stories helped me quickly and clearly relate and understand how I’d use verification software if I were the guy responsible for machine setup and part processing and I wanted to predict the future.  And check out CGTech’s online magazine for even more recent, real-life use cases.

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