Production Tool Grinders Built In U.S.

Posted by: 29. October 2014

International Tool Machines (ITM) is a builder of production tool grinding machines. The line of form, peel, thread, flute, and rotary tool grinders are unique in their production focus. Each model offers a range of part envelope flexibility without overlooking the key objective – high volume productivity. ITM uses a building block approach to take advantage of proven design techniques but also stresses their ability to customize machines.  Unique applications, such as high volume production of medical instruments or other tools are not uncommon for ITM.  Typical jobs running on ITM grinders include taps, thread rolls, hole cutters, Burrs, routing tools, end mills, drills, reamers, gears and worms, dies, and other complex tools. The ITM tool grinding machines are built in the US. Model showrooms include videos.

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