Pushing The Multi-Tasking Envelope

Posted by: 22. August 2014


The introduction of the VTM-2000YB takes a giant step in expanding the range of Okuma’s VTM series. Because of its suitability to handle parts appropriate for horizontal or vertical machining centers, it’s difficult to characterize this machine as more one than the other. But to compound the classification conundrum the VTM is every bit a vertical turning center, too. 

Why design such a machine?  What can this machine do better than other multi-tasking machines? The expanded envelope of this largest model in the series aside, the B-axis spindle with -30° to +120° enables the tool spindle to address the part vertically or horizontally and everywhere in between. The 150° of tool travel relative to workpiece centerline is not limited to positioning only. This model is capable of infinitely changing the tool point position throughout the 150° of travel without interrupting cutting.  This feature enables machining of blisks and other complex 3D parts. The negative range of travel provides critical reach of surfaces on the “underside” of the part. The model is equipped with the OSP-P300s control, featuring Super-NURBS, which speeds up curved surface machining without sacrificing surface finish. This multi-tasker is not only capable of horizontal, vertical, and “in between” milling and drilling, but turning, as well. And because this particular model is so large, larger parts are accommodated and much faster machining of large bores is possible.

The VTM-2000YB will be under power cutting a fan hub and engine case at Okuma’s booth S-8500 at IMTS 2014. 

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