Small, High-Speed Horizontal. In A Class By Itself.

Posted by: 12. June 2014

There aren’t many off-the-shelf, small machining centers that can claim “high-speed” in the category of the Kitamura HX250G. This new model offers spindle speeds up to 30,000rpm, rapid feed rates at 2,362ipm, and tool change time of 1.7 seconds.  I learned how rare models with these attributes are when I ran a machining center query at Techspex that returned only eight machines.  I was looking for a vertical or horizontal machining with at least 1,900 ipm rapid rates, 30,000rpm and X, Y, and Z travels of 18” or less.  

The era of “high-speed” is rapidly gaining momentum, so I was surprised to find that even in the small machine category, so few models are currently available.  Rarer yet, the Kitamura HX250G is the only horizontal in this class.  The video of the HX250G shows the machine in action. Looking for a machining center or other type of machine tool for your application?  Build your own query to find the models that meet your needs. 

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