Stationary & Rotational Part Workholding Experts Join Forces (Sales Forces, That Is)

21. May 2015

Prismatic workholding solutions provider Master Workholding, Inc., Morgantown, NC, President, Mike Powell, today announced a sales agreement with Forkhardt Inc., Traverse City, MI.  Forkardt will represent Master Workholding products and services in North and South America.  Master Workholding specializes in stationary part fixturing and Forkardt excels in rotational workholding.  Both Bill Sepanik, Forkardt Vice President and Mike Powell believe their complementary specialties will enhance their ability to more comprehensively and effectively serve the metalworking community.

In addition to manufacturing customized workholding solutions, Master Workholding also manufacturers off-the-shelf workholding products, that any shop can take advantage of. The True Pull Edge Clamping (TPEC) device and their Position and Retention Pins (PRP) help make difficult jobs easier to secure and machine. 

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