Techspex Expert: Generating A Model Search & Comparing Models Side-By-Side

Posted by: 22. April 2015

In this Techspex Expert tutorial we’ll demonstrate how to fill out a machining center search form, then how to select a few models from among the search results to view most of those model specifications in a side-by-side spreadsheet to enable comparison.

In the first screen below, all of the values that are highlighted in red circles were entered by the user. Any other values selected on the form are pre-selected as the default, including that all manufacturers (about 250) and all machine types (machining centers, drilling/tapping machines, boring mills, and milling machines) will be included in the query.

Just to be clear about what each of the entered values is saying, let’s step through the values on the left side.

Entering “20000” in the “Top RPM - Minimum” field means that we want to include all models whose top spindle RPM is at least 20,000. Since there is no value in the Maximum field, this means we want to include all models with a top spindle RPM over 20,000.

Entering “18” in the “Max Table Length - Minimum” field AND “40” in the “Max Table Length - Maximum” field means that we want to include all models with a table length of at least 18” and up to 40” but no models with table length less than 18” or more then 40”.

Similarly, the min and max values for “Max X Travel” filter out all models with X travel less than 20” or over 35”.

Entering “1800” in the Min field for “Rapid Rate (ipm)”  means that we only want to see models with at least one axis of travel capable of at least a minimum of 1,800 ipm.

On the right side of the form, it’s obvious that we only want to consider single spindle, vertical machines that have a rotary table that is standard or optional.

Once we are satisfied with the construction of our query, we click the “Search” button.

The next screen below displays our search results, which include only the models that match the criteria we entered in the screen above.

We have circled and labeled four key areas on the model search results page above.

We see at the top of the page that 59 models, manufactured by 29 builders, were found.
If we want to, we can save the search results in our private dashboard by clicking the “Save to my dashboard” button. Note that all of the search criteria will be saved along with the model list so that when you recall the saved search you will understand what the list represents. This saved search list can be displayed by copying the unique url into the address field in your browser. The unique url can be shared with colleagues, as well.
To display up to seven models from the list in a spreadsheet that lists all of the critical specification fields, click the checkbox to the left of the model as shown in the circles by #3. Then,
We click the “Compare Models” icon to display the selected models in a spreadsheet, below. 

Notice that the seven models in the spreadsheet below are displayed side-by-side so that users can compare all critical specification values.  Clicking the model name at the top of each column will display the complete model specifications along with links to distributors, articles, pictures, technical notes, and other relevant information.

In our previous tutorial titled “filling out the turning model search form and manipulating results” we showed how to fill out the model search form on the first screen, then how to manipulate the results on the second screen.

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