Techspex Expert Tip: Search, Refine, Save, Compare, RFQ

Posted by: 21. November 2014

This Techspex Expert Video Tip, below, is a classic from the archives that shows you how to use many of the useful features in the site, in real time.

You’ll learn how to construct your own query using the machining center model search form to find all the new models being offered for sale in the marketplace that meet your needs.

Using the “New Search” link, you can refine an initial query and its search results by tightening up the original search criteria.  Want to consider only the most recently introduced models to the marketplace?  The video will show you how to do that, too.

The video will show you how to select a few models that meet your needs then compare detailed specifications in a side-by-side spreadsheet.

The video will show you how to generate an RFQ after you’ve identified the most likely models that might be suitable for your application. Generating an RFQ for as many as 5 or more different brand machines can take less than 90 seconds.

Want to keep track of each of your own customized searches and results lists?  The video shows you how to store model search results to your own private dashboard for future reference or to share with colleagues. 

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