Turning Centers Large Enough For Railway Wheels

Posted by: 13. November 2014


Each of the partner companies within the NSH Group are specialists in railway wheel manufacturing. The N, S, and H stand for Niles, Simmons, and Hegenscheidt. All three companies are each more than 100 years old.  Niles is one of the oldest American machine tool companies having been founded in 1833 in Cincinnati. Hegenscheidt was founded in Ratibor, in what is now the Czech Republic in 1889. Simmons Machine Tool Corporation still operates in Albany, NY, today, where it began operations in 1910.

Though Techspex doesn’t archive specification data of non-traditional machine models, of which NSH manufacture many, Niles-Simmons manufactures large 2- and 4-axis turning centers, 3- and 4-axis turning centers with C- and Y-axis milling function, and vertical turning centers, and they are included with descriptions, pictures and specification details. 

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