Two Head(quarter)s, Better Than One

Posted by: 8. September 2015

Takisawa-Taiwan, or Taiwan Takisawa, or Takisaw-T are variations on the same brand, a joint effort between Takisawa Machinery Company of Japan, in Okayama and its subsidiary Taiwan Takisawa Technology Co., Ltd. In Taoyuan City, Taiwan.

These two companies are held by the same parent. Through cooperation between the two companies, designs and engineering expertise are exchanged.  But throughout the world, these two brands are imported and distributed as two discrete product lines, and for good reason. Though both product lines consist primarily of turning machines, but the actual models and series of models are as different from each other as any two distinct brands might be.

The Takisawa brand is designed and manufactured in Japan and is imported into the U.S. by Yamazen, Schaumburg, IL. The Takisawa Taiwan brand is imported to the U.S. by Takisawa Tech Corp., Ontario, CA.

The Takisawa Taiwan product line includes both horizontal and vertical turning centers, ranging from 10 to over 130 horse power.  The largest LS-1100 horizontal lathe is ideal suited for oil-field work with bar capacity up to 10” and turning length to 175”. Several series include multi-tasking models with C-, Y-, and even A-axes. Other models feature twin spindle or sub spindle configurations.

The Takisawa series is even more extensive with over 50 models including the TCC compact lathe series, the very large TG series for long and large diameter part processing. The PPS series is a special purpose line of oval turning lathes. The TT series feature parallel twin spindle turning centers with capability to transfer parts between spindles via the gantry loader system. Other multi-purpose models include the TCY, TMT, TMX, TMM, and TS series, featuring sub spindle and Y-axis milling, A-axis milling spindle on large envelope single and twin spindle lathes. 

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