Unique Turning/Milling Center Features Horizontal AND Vertical Lathe Spindle (or two)

Posted by: 10. May 2014


The Stama MT 7 is a unique series of turning/milling centers.  In a word, what it can do with parts up to Ø 4.00” x 12.5” length, is everything.  

Well, not everything. But it can turn, drill, bore, thread, face, and cutoff like any lathe can on one end of a part and then finish the part on the other end. It can mill, drill, bore, ream, all six sides of the part, plus perform any milling operation at any angle off centerline from 0 – 90 degrees.  There’s only one thing it doesn’t seem to be able to do and that’s true 5-axis milling, but helical milling is possible using the lathe spindle C-axis.  

The lathe spindle can be presented in the true horizontal or true vertical position or anywhere in between 0 and 90 degrees. This feature enables more flexible use of tooling which reduces the number of tools required to finish even the most complex parts. The 0-90 degree spindle swivel limits loadable barstock to only 31” in length in the smallest model but up to 39” in the larger model.  

The Stama MT 7 series includes a range of sizes and models with two turning and milling spindles for the ultimate in flexibility and increased productivity.  Here are several models. View the MT 726 to view pictures, specs, the brochure, and a video that helped me understand the unique capabilities of this machine. 

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