Video Roundup: 4 Hot Takes on Trends in Manufacturing

Posted by: 1. September 2016

The editors of Modern Machine Shop magazine—Mark Albert, Peter Zelinski and Derek Korn—have produced several short videos with their takes on some key industry trends that are important for manufacturers to understand in their context. These videos will be good to watch and reflect on prior to the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS), which starts in just a little more than a week in Chicago, Illinois. 

Check them out below.

Plain Talk about Data-Driven Manufacturing

Much of the talk about the Industrial Internet of Things, Industry 4.0 and data-driven manufacturing can be confusing. Mark Albert offers clarity by explaining the centrality of machine monitoring as a key aspect of all of these ideas.


5 Questions about Automation

Say “automation,” and we tend to picture robots—even though the range of what automation might involve includes these devices and more. Pete Zelinski explains how we should conceive of automation in the machine shop.


5 Top Shops Technologies

In this video, Derek Korn highlights the machining technologies and practices leading shops are leveraging to their advantage: five-axis machining, on-machine probing, ERP systems, robotic loading and tool vending systems.


5 Things You Didn’t Know about Additive Manufacturing

Speaking for Additive ManufacturingPete Zelinski discusses AM in terms of its material freedom, the unique products it’s capable of creating, its logistical benefits, its implications for how we think about quality and finally how AM is interrelated with machining.



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