When There's Nothing To Hold On To

Posted by: 7. April 2015

I’ve seen some tough fixturing challenges that left everyone grasping at straws for a solution.  I think many process and manufacturing engineers can relate to the David Gray song “Hold on to nothing, Hold on to coldest steel,” when they think back on some of their toughest workholding jobs. Amazingly, the TPEC (True Pull Edge Clamps) solution manufacturered by Master Workholding, might just be the solution to some of those fixturing conundrums when it seems there is nothing to hold on to. This cool edge clamping component needs just a little bite on the edge of a part to exert over 2,000 pounds of pull down force.

The insert-like grippers can be designed to accommodate workpiece material, wall thickness, and part cosmetic requirements. Cylinder force may be adjusted as well. The lateral cylinder force is converted to axial pull down pressure that works in combination with the gripper pads. The net benefit of TPEC is holding a part where you thought there was nothing to hold on to at all. 

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