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Posted by: 18. June 2015

Did you know there are over 900 machine tool distributors representing over 500 brands in the United States?  California and Texas lead all states with the most machine tool distributors at more than 60. There are 188 distributors located in the lower 48 that sell EDMs and over 600 that sell turning machinesMazak has 18 distributors nationwide, with 28 locations. Between Haas Factory Outlet and DMG Mori distribution locations there are 49 distributors which are named after their primary brands. The U.S. city with the most distributors is Houston with 21. And Cincinnati, Anaheim, Charlotte, and Tulsa each boast between eight and ten. Mississauga and Edmonton is home to 13 and 10 distributors, respectively.

How would you use this information? Say, for example, that you need to find all distributors that sell grinding machines in your area? Techspex Distributor Search can do it in less than a minute.

From any page in (including this one), place your cursor over “Machine Distributors” in the navigation bar. A menu will appear. Click “Grinding” to go to the Grinder distributor home page. If you wish to find distributors of a specific brand, select the brand name from the Manufacturer list, then click the “search distributors” button to find all distributors or select a region to narrow the search before clicking the button. If you just want to find all grinding machine distributors in your region, don’t select a manufacturer name, but do select your region. If, for instance, you live in the Chicagoland area, select “In the region of IL” and click the “search distributors” button.

The default display of the list includes all distributors that represent grinder builders in Illinois and all states that are adjacent to Illinois. The list is displayed alphabetical by distributor name. But by clicking on the “City” or “State” headers, you can resort the list by city name or state. This same type of research can be performed when you are looking for distributors of five other types of machines.


See the YouTube video demo on Distributor Search. See all Techspex Expert video demos on YouTube.

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