Your Top 5 Favorite Blog Posts of 2015

Posted by: 30. December 2015

top 5 blog posts of 2015

The year is almost done and we thought it would be interesting to look back on 2015 and see what you all were reading here on the Techspex blog. Here are the top five most-visited blog posts, in ascending order.

5. Coolant Pressure, Not Spindle Drive, Enables High-Speed Machining

In this blog, Nick Bloom reported on Iscar’s SpinJet technology for High Speed Machining, which rotates small tools as fast as 65,000 rpm.

4. Congress Proposes Ban on Machined Parts Used to Make Gyrocopters

Remember Doug Hughes? You know, the guy who landed his gyro on the U.S. Capitol lawn in civil protest back in April? In the above blog post, Bloom meditated on the message Hughes sent and how manufacturing gets short shrift in the news.

3. Need to Double, Triple, Quadruple Centerless Grinding Production Rates?

In this case story, Bloom explored how an aerospace fastener manufacturer increased its throughput with Glebar’s GT-610 grinder, which eases correction for and minimizes wheel wear.

2. Generating a Model Search and Comparing Models Side-by-Side

The second-most visited blog post in 2015 was a useful how-to article instructing readers how to use Techspex to select several machine models from search results and then compare them in a spreadsheet. This functionality lies at the heart of what Techspex has to offer.

1. An American Manufacturing Success Story

We couldn’t go through 2015 without a hot take on Titan Gilroy’s reality television show, “Titan: American Built.” Bloom introduced the show and its charismatic host as well as listing some of the machine tools used in Gilroy’s shop.

As 2015 wraps up, you can be sure to see a continuing effort on our part to bring you not only valuable data in the Techspex database, but also interesting and useful content in the blog, in our free monthly e-newsletter and on our Twitter feed @techspex

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