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High Precision 6-Axis Grinding Center with ATC for Ultra-Long Drills


The GrindSmart®528XF is 6-axis high precision tool grinder designed for the production of ultra-long drills ranging from Ø 0.5 up to 12.0 mm with the ability to reach diameter
and length ratios beyond 150XD. This machine model also allows grinding of clearance diameter on long tools as well as producing other types of standard and special cutters. The GrindSmart®528XF comes standard with an ultra-compact automatic wheels changer that can hold up to 6 wheel packs and an integrated tool loader with 1000 pieces capacity. A particularity of this machine model consists of its motorized workhead. Combined with both machine axes X and Z, this feature allows to grind extreme cutting lengths up to 280 mm long. The new patented shank guide system replicated on the steady rest support is an essential feature of the GrindSmart®528XF. Adjustable in just a few seconds, this device supports the tool optimally during the grinding process regardless of the tool diameter shape being cylindrical or tapered. The machine is also equipped with the new synchronous motor
spindle with 14 kW power and a 23Nm torque. A CCD camera system to locate coolant holes from Ø 0.05 mm as well an automatic wheel reconditioning system “StickSmart“ are also part of the optional equipment of the GrindSmart®528XF.  The advanced programming software supplied with the machine VirtualGrind®Pro offers a wide range of applications and key features for drills such as digressive and progressive helix angles, variable core diameter as well as negative cutting edge on the drill point. As per all other Rollomatic machines, software updates are free of charge. 



High Precision 6-Axis Grinding Center with ATC for Ultra-Long Drills
Grinder Type: Grinding Center, Tool & Cutter
Machine Opertaion: CNC
CNC Brand: GE Fanuc 160iM
Grinding Length: 11.023 Inches Length: 280.000 mm
OD Grinding Diameter(s) Min: 0.019 , Max: 0.472 Min: 0.500 mm , Max: 12.000 mm
Grinding Wheel Dia.: 6.000 Inches    Dia.: 152.000 mm   
Wheel Head Motor: 15.00 hp  Opt: 19.00 hp Motor: 11.00 kW  Opt:14.00 kW   12,000 rpm   Angle Adjustment: 0.000°
Resolution 0.000004 Inches 0.000100 mm
Travel Max Feed Rapid Rate
Longitudinal 11.800 Inches 300.000 mm 473 ipm 12,000 mm/min
Cross 7.087 Inches 180.000 mm 473 ipm 12,000 mm/min
Vertical 8.661 Inches 220.000 mm 473 ipm 12,000 mm/min
Machine Length: 85 Inches 2,180 mm
Machine Width: 88 Inches 2,240 mm
Machine Height: 85 Inches 2,151 mm
Machine Weight: 7,716 lbs 3,500 kg
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