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November 2014

Electric Shape Beveler for Straight and Contoured Edges

By: Modern Machine Shop
The S186-E shape beveler from Heck industries uses durable carbide inserts in a milling-style, 1 1/4"-diameter cutter to produce accurate, clean and burr-free edges on shaped parts, slots and holes in materials as thin as 3/16".

July 2014

Cylindrical Grinder Suits Cutting Tool Production

By: Modern Machine Shop
Rollomatic’s ShapeSmart NP3 is a single-wheel cylindrical grinder with peel and traverse-grinding capabilities, designed for manufacturing blanks in the cutting tool industry as well as precision punches and similar parts.

July 2014

Grinder’s Automatic Wheel Head Rotation Saves Time

By: Modern Machine Shop
Fermat’s BHCR cylindrical grinding machine is designed for external and internal grinding operations on complex workpieces in both serial and small-lot production.

July 2014

Grinder Performs Roughing, Finish Grinding in Single Setup

By: Modern Machine Shop
The Lean Selection machine available from Erwin Junker Machinery is suitable for grinding camshafts in any batch size.

May 2014

Back Stand Grinder Speeds Metal Removal

By: Modern Machine Shop
Kalamazoo Industries’ model BG14 back stand grinder is intended for foundry applications such as rapidly grinding gates and risers.

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