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February 2017

Video: Custom Workholding for Tool Regrinding

This shop uses a simple toolholding device on a machine meant for unattended tool production to regrind tools that already have their precision geometry.

January 2017

Remote Honing Analytics with MTConnect-Compliant Machines

By: Modern Machine Shop
Sunnen offers what it says is the first honing equipment that’s compliant to the MTConnect communication protocol.

December 2016

Tom Paine Group Represents Fives Cutting Tools, Abrasives

The group represents these Fives products in several Southern states.

December 2016

When Grinding Is Like Turning

By: Modern Machine Shop
This shop leverages a high-speed peel-grinding process that resembles turning to effectively grind challenging materials such as carbide. Inherently low grinding forces mean high material-removal rates are possible.

December 2016

The 2016 Capital Spending Survey

By: Modern Machine Shop
The machine tool market bottomed in the summer of 2016, but will continue to rebound in 2017 as shops invest in technology for unattended operation.

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