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Manufacturer(s): Kent USA

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Manufacturer Model ID Machine
Max Grinding Dimension HP
Kent USA KGS-410AH/AHD Surface Semi-auto (L) 44.500 in x (W) 17.625 in x (D) 18.094 in 5.10
Kent USA KGS-510AH/AHD Surface Semi-auto (L) 44.750 in x (W) 19.750 in x (D) 21.656 in 5.10
Kent USA KGS-615AHD Surface Semi-auto (L) 63.000 in x (W) 22.437 in x (D) 18.875 in 10.00
Kent USA KGS-615AHD Surface Semi-auto (L) 39.449 in x (W) 224.331 in x (D) 188.661 in 10.00
Kent USA KGS-820AHD Surface Semi-auto (L) 87.750 in x (W) 26.000 in x (D) 18.500 in 15.00
Kent USA KGS-830AHD Surface Semi-auto (L) 89.000 in x (W) 36.000 in x (D) 36.000 in 15.10
Kent USA KGS-84SD Surface Semi-auto (L) 36.625 in x (W) 17.625 in x (D) 17.000 in 5.00
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