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Manufacturer(s): WMW Kikinda

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Manufacturer Model ID Machine
Max Grinding Dimension HP
WMW Kikinda AFB OD Manual (L) 22.000 in x (OD) 5.500 in 7.50
WMW Kikinda AFC OD Manual (L) 79.000 in x (OD) 19.000 in 14.00
WMW Kikinda AFD OD Manual (L) 120.000 in x (OD) 18.000 in 20.00
WMW Kikinda AFE OD Manual (L) 160.000 in x (OD) 32.000 in 45.00
WMW Kikinda AFG OD Manual (L) 160.000 in x (OD) 40.000 in 65.00
WMW Kikinda B-340 ID Manual (ID) 1.600 in x (D) 6.000 in 7.00
WMW Kikinda B-380 ID Manual (ID) 3.200 in x (D) 11.800 in 20.00
WMW Kikinda BBC-131(CNC) Centerless CNC (W) 9.800 in x (OD) 5.100 in 60.00
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