Smarter customers have better figures

When Sandvik Coromant talks business, we mean your business. And how to make the most of it. Sandvik Coromant can turn the figures on your machine into gold. Letting us tool your machine from the start means:

faster payback Faster payback
Typical machine investments call for a 3 to 5 year payback. With Sandvik Coromant tooling, expertise and service, you can take a full 12 months out of that schedule while lowering debt costs and increasing the rate of return for your business.
faster throughput Faster throughput
Our tools and services will maximize your new machine's capabilities, helping you optimize metal removal rates. You get more parts per hour, right from the start. Figures from thousands of installations and applications show typical productivity gains of 20%.
Efficiency Optimum efficiency
Our rich stream of innovation and product patents (around 160 in the last four years alone - more than any competitor) is your assurance of continuing peak performance. Tap into this unique resource when you specify your new machine and we'll keep you at the cutting edge of tooling developments.
downtime Reduced downtime
With a single standardized tooling system customized to your day-today needs, you'll waste less time on change-overs, keeping metal-to-metal times to an absolute minimum.

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Get the facts and figures on your application on your machine. We are ready to help you get your machining operations right from the start!

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"You don't have to be big to be smart."
You're successful because you're smart. So are we. Regardless if your company is big or small, Sandvik Coromant understands your priorities and pressures. Lower costs. Global competition. Reduced lead times. Ever more complex designs and exotic materials. Above all, the challenge of maintaining your competitive edge and generating the fastest possible return on your investment.

With a Sandvik Coromant tooling solution performance matched to your needs, you can get the most out of your machine.