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BM = Boring Mill
MC = Machining Center
MM = Milling Machine
DT = Drilling/Tapping

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Manufacturer(s): Romi

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Manufacturer Model ID Operation
HP Axes Table Spindle
Length Width
Romi D 1000 CNC 22.40 3 48 22 Vertical MC
Romi D 1000AP CNC 25.00 3 48 22 Vertical MC
Romi D 1250 CNC 25.00 3 52 22 Vertical MC
Romi D 1500 CNC 30.00 3 67 30 Vertical MC
Romi D 2000 CNC 25.00 3 79 33 Vertical MC
Romi D 600 CNC 22.40 3 33 20 Vertical MC
Romi D 800 CNC 22.40 3 36 20 Vertical MC
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